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10-14 hours (depending on the time of the activity)


Spanish / English


08:00 h. - 20:00 h.

(Depending on the time of the activity.) Ask us.


1-12 people


Country Spain

Region: Andalusia

Province: Jaén


Observation of wild fauna


Low - medium


All year

(It is essential to check availability)


We propose a guided tour in 4x4 by local experts with great knowledge of the territory, with the intention of spotting the most endangered feline in the world, of which there are only just over 1,600 copies left in the world: the Iberian Lynx.


During the tour, we will be able to learn about such interesting aspects as its  habitat, its biology, its behavior, observe the conservation actions that have been carried out for its recovery and wait in different areas to try to observe it.


The activity takes place between the Sierra de Andújar and the Guarrizas River Valley, in the province of Jaén.


SIERRA DE ANDÚJAR - BAÑOS DE LA ENCINA. The Sierra de Andújar is the largest population center of the species, being one of the best places for its sighting, with more than 200 specimens today. In this area, some of the public areas with the presence of the Iberian lynx will be visited, and a wait will be made at dawn to try to observe them, as well as other species of mammals, birds of prey, reptiles or amphibians that we can find on our way.

We will have breakfast in the field, enjoying the surroundings and always attentive to any movement of the target species.


GUARRIZAS RIVER VALLEY - VILCHES. Next, we will go to a private farm located in the Guarrizas River Valley, we will have lunch in the countryside and continue our route to wait for sunset.

This valley was chosen as an area for the reintroduction of specimens from captive breeding in 2010, with the aim of establishing a viable population of Iberian lynx that could serve as a union with other established populations, and which has more than 140 specimens nowadays.  

In this area it is easy to observe species such as the Spanish imperial eagle, the Griffon vulture, the Common buzzard and other species linked to aquatic ecosystems, such as the Palearctic otter or the Kingfisher.

During the activity , we will try to show traces, footprints and signs that we have previously located, which indicate the presence of the feline in passage areas.

As an option, you can choose to combine public areas with private areas , or carry out all the activity inside the private estate .

The itinerary can be adapted to the different species that the visitor wishes to observe.

It can also be done half-day or full-time, depending on the time of the activity.

Our guides will advise you the best option at all times depending on your interests.

It is difficult to describe it with words, are you coming?


These are the most common bird species to observe in this activity.

Ask us to know the recommended time for each species.


- Birds&LynxEcotourism is strictly committed to an ethical behavior at the foot of the field for the observation of threatened fauna, and fauna in general. Our company does not use baits, lures, or attractants of any kind.

- The specimens that can be observed live completely in freedom, so observation is never 100% guaranteed. Our results indicate that there is a high probability, but on some occasions it may be necessary to carry out more than one field trip to be successful in the sighting.

- The observations are made from a sufficient distance so as not to alter the behavior of the species, always guided by experts in their biology and ethology.

- The observation of the Iberian lynx can happen at different distances, and can range from a few meters to 350-400 meters. It is a factor that cannot be controlled and we will never make approaches that could alter its behavior.  

- Nature is capricious and indomitable, so we are not responsible for the weather or other external factors that could alter the usual behavior of wildlife.


- Expert local guide.
- 4x4 vehicle.
- Access to exclusive private estate.
- Optical equipment (binoculars and high quality telescope.
- Picnic breakfast and lunch or dinner (full day option).
- Pick up at your accommodation (ask us).
- Civil Liability Insurance and authorizations.
- Reference bibliography.

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