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The conservation of species of flora, fauna and, in general, of the environment in which they live constitutes a source of wealth and employment for the inhabitants of small population centers and rural environments in different parts of the Iberian Peninsula. The Iberian wolf, the Brown bear or the Iberian lynx are three of the main species for which the observation tourist travels to different parts of the country, with the aim of observing unique species worldwide, but also to expand knowledge about other aspects related to wildlife. As of today, with our activities we have generated almost 1,400 overnight stays in the accommodations of the Comarca Norte de Jaén and Comarca Campiña de Jaén (hotels, hostels, rural houses, tourist apartments and camping), with the highest number of overnight stays in the municipalities of La Carolina, Andújar and Baños de la Encina, in that order, but also in other localities such as Santa Elena, Guarromán and Bailen.

Travelers from 25 countries have visited us from October 1st 2021 to October 1st 2022, with the aim of enjoying one of the most interesting points for observing species of flora and fauna at a European level, the main attraction being the Iberian lynx, coming from Spain, Italy, China, Denmark, France, Sweden, USA, Germany, England, Scotland, Finland, Gibraltar, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, South Africa, Peru, Israel, Colombia, Venezuela, Korea, Japan and Portugal . In this way, responsible tourism companies and guides, owners of private estates, lodgings and restaurants, souvenir shops and local products and service stations have found a new source of income in a type of traveler they might never have imagined. Ensuring diversity and supporting the preservation of species such as the Iberian lynx or the Spanish imperial eagle is essential, not only because of the great responsibility we have at an ecosystem level (for us, the main reason), but also for the economic revitalization of the zone, the creation and maintenance of employment and the fixation of population to the local territory.

For all this, we want to thank the trust that many of you have placed in our services, for collaborating in the economic development of our region and letting you transmit the love we feel for our land and the species that have found here one of the their last refuges worldwide. Thank you for betting on responsible and sustainable tourism. Thank you for helping to conserve the Iberian lynx and so many other species... Thanks, warmly.

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