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7 days x 12 hours (approximately)


Spanish English


07:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

(Depending on the time of the activity.) Consult


1-8 people


Country Spain

Region: Andalusia

Province: Jaen


Wildlife observation


low - medium


All year

(It is essential to check availability)


We propose a guided tour in 4x4 by local experts with great knowledge of the territory, with the intention of spotting the most threatened feline in the world, of which there are only a little more than 800 specimens around the world: the Iberian Lynx.


During the tour, we will be able to learn about such interesting aspects as its habitat, its biology, its behavior, observe the conservation actions that have been carried out for its recovery and wait in different areas to try to observe it . The Sierra de Andújar is the largest population nucleus of the species, being one of the best places for its sighting. In addition, we will try to look for traces, footprints and signs that indicate their presence in transit areas.


The day begins at dawn, with the aim of locating the different species that this corner of Sierra Morena offers us. For this, you can choose to combine the public areas with the private areas, or carry out all the activity inside the private estate.

The itinerary can be adapted to the different species that the visitor wishes to observe, although in general, we start by visiting the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park to discover the world of restless otters, the Iberian imperial eagle or the black and tawny vultures, which already at midmorning they take off their flight taking advantage of the thermal currents. Our guides will advise you on the best option at all times.


Later, we will move quietly through the best lynx territories, which are also for different mammals such as deer, fallow deer, mouflon or wild boar.

Meadows of holm oaks, cork oaks, piruétanos, heather, rockrose, strawberry trees, mastic, or different aromatic plants typical of the Mediterranean forest, among an infinite labyrinth of granite "bowling", we will be opening the way to a private estate where we will have total exclusivity to make waits trying to observe the Iberian Lynx (small groups).

In these farms, different actions have been carried out to recover their main food, the rabbit, which have served to establish territories of reproductive adults, being their range, rest and reproduction area.


Of course, observing without filling your stomach is difficult, so we include a picnic breakfast and lunch of local products to taste in the field.


It's difficult to describe in words, are you coming?



- 7 days of guided service.
- Expert local guides.

- 4x4 vehicles.
- Access to exclusive private estates.
- Optical material (binoculars and high-end telescope).
- Breakfast and picnic lunch in the field.
- Pick up at your accommodation (consult).
- Civil Liability Insurance and authorizations.


RATE S: from 490 euros / person (consult)


- In Birds & Lynx Ecotourism we strictly comply with ethical behavior at the field level for the observation of threatened fauna, and fauna in general. We do not use baits, decoys, or attractants of any kind. The specimens that can be observed live completely free, so the observation is never guaranteed 100%, although our results indicate that there is a high probability.

- The observations are made from a sufficient distance so as not to alter the behavior of the species, always guided by experts in their biology and ethology.

- Nature is capricious and indomitable, so we are not responsible for the weather or other external factors that could alter the habitual behavior of wildlife.

- Available every day of the year.

- Approximate duration: full-time 12 hours / half-day 6 hours.

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