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10 hours (depending on the time of the activity)


Spanish English


07:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

(Depending on the time of the activity.) Consult


1-8 people


Country Spain

Region: Andalusia

Province: Jaen


Observation of wild fauna / Oil tourism


low - medium


Recommended time: October-January

(It is essential to check availability)


In this activity we propose you to carry out an interpretive route carried out by expert local guides, with extensive knowledge of the territory, in which our objective will be to get to know the territory of the Iberian lynx, observe the landscapes, their fauna and flora, and subsequently, make a visit to a tourist oil mill, where we will learn all the secrets of the olive grove and the production of olive oil.

In addition, we will carry out a tasting accompanied by an expert monitor from the mill itself.

We started the activity by taking a 4x4 vehicle tour to learn about the Iberian lynx's habitat, its ecology, its behavior, the conservation actions that have been carried out for its recovery, and we will make short waits with optical material to try to observe it in public areas. of the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park and the Rumblar, Guadalén and Guadalmena Basins Special Conservation Zone. In addition, we will look for traces, footprints and signs that indicate their presence.

We will move quietly through the best lynx territories in our 4x4 vehicle, enjoying the scenery and the tranquility that one of the least inhabited places on the Iberian Peninsula offers. Depending on the time of year, some species or others may be observed.

I mean

Later, we will head towards the oil mill to proceed with the guided tour of the interior and carry out the tasting.

In the afternoon, we will go to a private farm to wait for the Iberian Lynx observation.

Of course, observing without filling your stomach is complicated, which is why we include a country breakfast with coffee and a picnic lunch of local products to taste in the field.


- Expert local guide.
- 4x4 vehicle.
- Optical material (binoculars and high-end telescope).
- Campero breakfast and picnic lunch.
- Visit to oil mill + tasting.
- Pick up at your accommodation (consult).
- Civil Liability Insurance and authorizations.
- Reference bibliography.


- Approximate duration: 12 hours.

- It is done every day of the year.

- Recommended time: October to December, to coincide with the olive harvest, but it can be done all year round.

- The tour is done alternating public and private areas.

- Nature is capricious and indomitable, so we are not responsible for the weather or other external factors that could alter the habitual behavior of wildlife.

- The EVOO tasting activity is subject to availability, so it is necessary to book in advance.

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